We pride ourselves in our versatility and strive to bring innovation respecting our natural surroundings and the gratitude to the amazing people of San Pancho….san pancho vacation rental mexico coast luxury suites

Our construction of the house and the Sundaram Suites, took 16 months of actual work, however, it took another 11 months of planning the details, such as finishes, drawings, and re-drawings over and over ┬┤til we got the flavor and “texture “of the essence we wanted to be and feel …, thus bringing top quality accessories, amenities, training of staff, quality of work and craftsmanship and most of all, “experience” ……

We researched the interior design aspect of the Project over and over for months, to obtain the final product we had in mind. Always taking in consideration that the Project, even though it has all the amenities of high tech of this century, will not loose the flair and flavor, being in harmony with the surrounding old big peaceful trees, jungle atmosphere, waves, sand and tropical weather. Here in Sundaram, is summer all year long … one big reason we live here.

We are meticulous and passionate about quality in our work and always seek to provide our guests the very best and most efficient service in a totally relaxed atmosphere.

Since we are local residents and live in San Pancho most of the year, it gives you, the guest, the flexibility and problem solving skills that are essentially important when you go on vacation and do not want to bother with those things that can ruin a vacation … allowing you to just relax, and enjoy.

Our Architect Raul and our interior designer Felipe, both with an immense experience and natural intuition for beauty and comfort, had the eye for design mingled with elegance and the artistic vocabulary, or as Raul would say, the entire Project has to “speak the same language.” Sundaram is intended to be magical, ecological, comfortable, efficient and beautiful at the same time.